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Thermonet is a premier electric underfloor heating products provider in the US market for the past 2 decades.  Our core underfloor heating element features the Twisted Twin™ Technology, differentiated our underfloor heating cables from all the other products on the market.

Durability: The Twisted Twin™ construction creates a unique heating cable that can withstand many stresses from transportation, installation, to years of underfloor heating usage.

Zero electromagnetic field (EMF): The Twisted Twin™ cable construction eliminates electromagnetic field while in usage, the only underfloor heating product on the market that add no additional EMF to your home.

Manufacture, testing and quality control: Thermogroup operates a manufacturing facility in Zehla Mehlis (Germany) and Paddock Wood (UK). It’s here the industry leader in R&D starts, the raw materials are made into electric underfloor heating systems.  Intimate control over the manufacture and testing assures you of the highest quality control in the industry.

Life Time Warranty: Thus the best design and manufacturing results in an electric underfloor radiant heating product system that is unmatched on the market.

Here at Thermonet, we are proud to offer you an underfloor radiant heating system that contractors and customers across the US and world have come to appreciate in the past.  Looking forward, an invigorated Thermonet Corporation is ready to launch a complete heating system, such as ThermoMirror and ThermoRail, around American’s bathrooms, homes and business.

Click here to preview the complete electric heating Product Guide coming to US next year 

Thermonet is working with quality local contractors as preferred installers, find them here.