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  • 120v Heating Cable
  • 109012U  39ft     12sf    150w
  • 109018U  66ft     20sf   240w
  • 109025U  82ft     26sf   300w
  • 109031U  99ft     30sf   360w
  • 109037U  132ft   40sf   480w
  • 109050U  167ft   51sf   600w
  • 109062U  198ft   60sf   720w
  • 109080U  264ft  80sf  960w
  • 109100U  330ft  100sf 1200w
  • 109125U  429ft  130sf 1560w
  • 109150U  495ft  150sf 1800w
  • Vario ProMAT Uncoupling Membrane 161SF 3.3ft x 50ft  (1 m x 15 m)
  • 240v Heating Cable
  • 109012  39ft   12sf  150w
  • 109018  59ft   18sf  225w
  • 109025  82ft   25sf  300w
  • 109031  101ft  33sf  375w
  • 109037  121ft  38sf  450w
  • 109050  164ft  51sf   600w
  • 109062  200ft  62sf   750w
  • 109075  246ft   76sf   900w
  • 109100  328ft   102sf 1200w
  • 109125  410ft   127sf  1500w
  • 109150  492ft  153sf  1800w
  • 109200 656ft  205sf  2400w

Vario PRO Installation Guide



Contact to purchase packages, discuss with our team to customized your floor plan and more

Introducing  Vario PRO
Vario PRO is the unique fast-install underfloor heating system with a special uncoupling membrane to protect floors against heat-induced buckling and cracking.

Warm, even heat Vario PRO uses the TwistedTwin™ heating cable to create a comfortable, even heat by gently warming the room through the floor, effectively using your entire floor as a low surface temperature radiator.
Eliminate tile cracking Other, inferior underfloor heating brands cause uncoupling. During use, the floor surface expands either faster or slower than the underfloor substrate. Because the floor and underfloor are bonded, this variable heat expansion will eventually result in crackling and buckling. Tiles are especially vulnerable.
Complete floor protection Vario PRO inserts a membrane mat between substrate and the floor that absorbs any unequal movement caused by variable heat expansion. That means no danger of cracked tiles or grout!
Suits any surface Vario PRO can be prepared to suit almost any substrate or floor finish. It’s suited to concrete floors, cementitious, anhydrite screeds and green screeds, plus timber sub-floors and plywood panels. It’s also compatible with tiles, self-levelling compound (SLC), carpet, laminate and vinyl.

  • 120v Heatmat
  • 5063 – 9 sq ft – 20″x63″
  • 5078 – 11 sq ft – 20″x78″
  • 5102  – 20 sq ft – 20″x102″
  • 5144  – 20 sq ft – 20″x144″
  • 5186  – 26 sq ft – 20″x186″
  • 5228  -32 sq ft – 20″x228″
  • 5256  -36 sq ft – 20″x256″
  • 5348  -49 sq ft – 20″x348″
  • 5384  -54 sq ft – 20″x384″
  • 5492  -69 sq ft – 20″x492″
  • 5584  -79 sq ft – 20″x584″
  • 5660  -92 sq ft – 20″x566″
  • 240v Heatmat
  • 6056  – 8 sq ft – 20″x56″
  • 6104  – 15 sq ft – 20″x104″
  • 6126  – 18 sq ft – 20″x126″
  • 6158  – 22 sq ft – 20″x158″
  • 6198  – 27 sq ft – 20″x198″
  • 6230  -32 sq ft – 20″x230″
  • 6276  -39sq ft – 20″x276″
  • 6328  -46sq ft – 20″x328″
  • 6396  -55sq ft – 20″x396″
  • 6512  -72sq ft – 20″x512″
  • 6684 -95sq ft – 20″x684″
  • 6788 -110sq ft – 20″x788″


Installation Guide Generic Configuration for Thermonet Heatmat


Contact to purchase packages, discuss with our team to customize your floor plan and more


  • Available in several different styles to suit your needs.
  • Contemporary design to accent any room decor.
  • Choose from Manual or Programmable function.

Thermonet heatmats are designed for easy planning and installation. Each mat is 20″ wide and comes in varied lengths allowing you to customize for the square footage of each room.

Simply calculate the floor space that Thermonet is needed under the floor.  You can either purchase mats and components for your application individually, or call us to choose your room size Heatmat Kit to make your installation easy.

  • Also Recommended:
  • Suggested accessories (not included with heatmats purchased individually).
  • Thermostat
  • Infloor Floor Sensor
  • Heatmat Installation Monitor
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  • Available in several different styles to suit your needs.
  • Contemporary design to accent any room decor.
  • Choose from Manual or Programmable function.

Programmable thermostats save energy, by regulating the floors temperature to your settings. Program for vacation settings and separate day/night settings to provide you with the ultimate comfort. Thermostat includes built in GFCI safety feature w/test light, manual override, backlit display and digital clock. Side doors cover programming buttons when not in use.

Each Thermostat includes one Infloor Temperature Sensor, Thermonet recommends that an additional Temperature Sensor be installed with every system for backup use if needed.

For use with 120v and 240v heatmat systems up to 15Amp. For systems over 15Amp Thermonet recommends use of Master Control Unit and Interface Slave Units.