About Thermonet

Thermonet is a leader in electric underfloor heating products in the US market for the past 2 decades. In partner with ThermogroupUK, we pride ourselves in introducing many 1st in class new products and features of electric underfloor radiant heating system. With such a deep history and industrial base, we have knowledge and resources to consult you for using electric heating as either a supplement, or complete solution to your bathroom, home, or business.  Whether you are a homeowner, general contractor, architect, electrician, tile or floor specialist, call our customer care for a free consultation and quote.

Can Thermonet Heatmats be used in wet areas?

Yes, Thermonet Heatmats, both 120v and 240v, are 100% waterproof. Installing the heatmats under tile in showers and spa rooms is both safe and very beneficial.  The Heatmats are not only make your tile luxuriously comfortable, removing the chill of ceramic tile, but also helps the moisture evaporate quickly because of the warmth, which is added safety feature in wet rooms. (However, Thermonet recommends that a separate heatmat is used for the shower area. If the heatmat in the shower is damaged, it cannot be repaired because the waterproof feature of the heatmat will be compromised. By using a separate Thermonet Heatmat in the shower, the floor heating in the bathroom floor will not be affected.)

Can I install Thermonet Underfloor Heating under marble?

Yes, Thermonet Heatmat Systems are designed to be installed under all types of natural stone floor surfaces.  Heatmats work well under most floor surfaces that do not require nail down installation.  Natural Stone, ceramic tile, porcelan tile, marble slate, and even laminate, vinyl, bamboo, carpet and some wood floor coverings are suitable for underfloor heating applications.

Could underfloor heat source become too hot for pets and children?

No, Thermonet underfloor heat systems are designed to be controlled by programmable thermostats that keep your floor at your desired comfort level, never hot, just comfortable.  Keeping your floors at slightly higher than desired room temperature will not only make your floors luxuriously comfortable to walk or lounge on, but also will allow the radiant qualities of this form of heating to transfer to objects in the room, reducing the need for other sources of heat.  Safety Tip: Thermonet UFH systems reduce the need for ‘hot’ space heaters or radiators that can be dangerous to your young children or pets.

Is it difficult to install a Heatmat system?

No, while we recommend your tile installer to install the underfloor heatmat system for you, it is often done by ‘do-it-yourself’ homeowners.  Follow the installation instructions provided and you should be a pro at it after one small bathroom install.  Feel free to email in@thermonetusa.com with any questions you may have before or during your installation, a technician will be glad to help you.  if you do install yourself, we recommend you use the Thermonet Heatmat Monitor during install as it is your security system — it will immediately beep at you if there is any fault detected.

Is Underfloor Heating expensive to run?

No, Thermonet heating systems have been proven to achieve optimum energy saving performance.  The cost to operate Thermonet in a small bathroom is the equivilant of operating a 60watt light bulb.

Can I heat my whole house with Underfloor Heating?

Yes, In a home insulated to proper standards you can use Thermonet as your primary source of heat, with as little as 60% coverage of the home.

What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant Heating is: …a method by which heat transfers from
one surface to another.

  • Radiant infloor heating is more efficient and economical than traditional forced air heating sources because it heats the surfaces and objects in an entire room and radiates upwards, rather than the heat being forced into an area or room via one vent or baseboard heat source.

Warmth in a radiant heated area is more comfortable, and is not produced by forced or moving air, which creates a healthier environment all the way around. Thermonet is the Ultimate in infloor heating.

  • Radiant Towel Warmers provide the Ultimate luxury of a warm / dry towel right when you need it, warmth silently transferred from your towel warmer to your towels.

Why is Infloor Heating such a cost effective way to heat your Home?

  • Thermonet is economical, a normal residential bathroom only uses as
    much electricity as one 100watt lightbulb


  • Underfloor Heating heats your primary living area, because it heats from the floor up
    – rather than from the ceiling down
  • Avoid HVAC induced allergies.
  • It only ‘sips’ energy to keep your floor at a consistant temperature;
    with a programmable thermostat the system only runs about
    40% of the time to maintain the desired temperature


  • Because of the nature of ‘radiant heat’ the warmth does not
    rush out of the room when the door opens, as it does with forced air systems


  • …  and … and … the economical benefits are innumberable

And… oh yeah, another perk? 
No More Need For Slippers!

Where Can I Use Thermonet?

Thermonet Underfloor Heating is the perfect choice for anywhere you will enjoy the benefit of Warm Floors!  …

From Bathrooms to Kitchens, Living Rooms, Entry Ways, Laundry, Outdoor Living Kitchens, Four Season Rooms, Bedrooms …. Custom Home Builders are finding that their customers prefer Thermonet throughout their home.  After all, when they are enjoying the feel of warm floors in their bathroom, they don’t like the sudden shock of stepping on a cold floor when they step into their bedroom  ….  or have to run for their slippers to venture out to the kitchen for their early morning coffee!!


There is nothing like warm floors to make a house ‘your home’!

But, Homes are not where we spend ‘all’ our time, warm floors in our offices, eliminates the need of those costly under desk heaters that come out in October!  … and there is that Hotel Suite that is top on the list whenever you visit that ‘Dreamtown, USA’ because you enjoy the warm floors in your private whirlpool spa area!

Where else is Underfloor Heating Enjoyed?
Senior Living Suites, Hospitals, Locker Rooms, Fitness / Recreation Halls, Pool Surrounds,  ….  Radiant Heating is the most comfortable, economical, and ‘green’ way to heat your space, no matter where that may be!

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