Thermonet Corporation



Thermonet Infloor Heating System is today's Solution!

Thermonet Infloor Heating systems are cost effective, efficient, and affordable.  

Thermonet is today's solution for efficient comfortable heating, that proves to be not only a luxurious addition to any home, but is also environmentally friendly.  Thermonet IFH costs very little to run in comparison to its counterparts, oil-filled radiators, electric base board heaters, space heaters or even conventional gas furnace applications. 

Unlike conventional heating systems, Thermonet does not affect the humidity in the home, and there is no loss of energy from moving warm air through ducts.  In fact, the lack of moving air helps prevent the spread of dust, germs and mold. 

The Radiant Heating qualities of Themonet infloor heating systems is obvious, it supplies heat directly to the floor, which simply delivers it instantly to you and the objects in your room.  Allowing you to maintain a balanced room temperature, at your comfort level, where you need it.

The luxurious feel of warm floors can be yours to enjoy - 


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