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About Radiant Heating

    What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant Heating is: ...a method by which heat transfers from
                             one surface to another.

  • Radiant infloor heating is more efficient and economical than traditional forced air heating sources because it heats the surfaces and objects in an entire room and radiates upwards, rather than the heat being forced into an area or room via one vent or baseboard heat source.

Warmth in a radiant heated area is more comfortable, and isn�t produced by forced or moving air, which creates a healthier environment all the way around. Thermonet is the Ultimate in infloor heating.

  • Radiant Towel Warmers provide the Ultimate luxury of a warm / dry towel right when you need it, warmth silently transferred from your towel warmer to your towels.  


Imagine� stepping out of your shower / bath / spa onto a �warm� floor...
and dry with a �warm� towel� 
�comfort� � has just been re-defined�


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