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Thermostat - Programmable

Dual Voltage Programmable thermostat. Has built in GFCI and includes one Infloor Temperature Sensor.  Contemporary design accents any room decor.


Programmable Thermostats save energy, by regulating the floors temperature, to your settings.  Program for vacation settings and separate day and night settings to provide you with the ultimate comfort.  Thermostat includes built in GFCI safety feature w/ test light, manual override, backlit display and digital clock.  Side doors cover programming buttons when not in use, elegant design is pleasing in any decor.

Each Thermostat includes one Infloor Temperature Sensor, Thermonet recommends that an additional Temperature Sensor [#7010] be installed with every system for backup use if needed.

For use with 120v and 240v heatmat systems up to 15Amp.  For systems over 15Amp Thermonet recommends use of Master Control Unit (#8300) and Interface Slave Units (#8320/8340).  For more information contact your technician at 

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