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Thermostat - Master Control Unit

12 Volt Master Control Thermostat controls up to 10 Interface Relay Units(Item#8320/8340's). 

This electronic thermostat controls up to 10 Interface Relay Units [#8320/8340's].  Allowing you to manage multiple floor heating zones/applications over 15Amp from one location. 7 day independent programming.  Digital display. 
Side doors open to access programming buttons and controls.  It's appearance is the same as Programmable Thermostat [#8400], but operates off 12volts.

Can also control Interface Relay Units on different line voltages.  (eg: 2 120v units[#8320's] and 3 240v units[#8340's]; or other combinations)

Includes one Infloor Floor Sensor [#7010]. 

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Suggested Accessories:  Additional Infloor Floor Sensor


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