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120V Thermonet Infloor Heating System Kits

Thermonet Infloor heating system kits come complete with the following items.

Heatmat roll, one programmable thermostat, and two floor sensors.


The thermonet Infloor heating system kits include:  Thermonet IFH Heatmats, for the size area of flooring being installed (choose below), one programmable thermostat, and two floor sensors.

120Volt Thermonet Kits:
With a 120V system you can heat up to 124 sq.ft per thermostat. Choose the Kit designed for the area you are wanting to heat, below.  For areas larger than 124 sq.ft. it is recommended that additional Thermonet Kits be used for the remaining areas.  Combine as many kits as needed to heat your entire project. 

240v Thermonet systems can heat up to 220 sq ft per circuit - click here for 240v system kits 

Note:  For areas requiring more than 4 Thermonet Kits, you may want to consider purchasing the Heatmats separately, and use a Master Control Thermostat (which can run up to 10 circuits) with individual Interface Slave Units, providing the ability to control the entire area from one theromstat rather than using multiple thermostats that need to be programmed individually.

Also Recommended:

Heatmat Monitor [Cat#6010] for ease of installation

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