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Where Can I Use Thermonet?

Thermonet Underfloor Heating is the perfect choice for anywhere you will enjoy the benefit of Warm Floors!  ...

From Bathrooms to Kitchens, Living Rooms, Entry Ways, Laundry, Outdoor Living Kitchens, Four Season Rooms, Bedrooms .... Custom Home Builders are finding that their customers prefer Thermonet throughout their home.  After all, when they are enjoying the feel of warm floors in their bathroom, they don't like the sudden shock of stepping on a cold floor when they step into their bedroom  ....  or have to run for their slippers to venture out to the kitchen for their early morning coffee!!  


There is nothing like warm floors to make a house 'your home'! 

But, Homes are not where we spend 'all' our time, warm floors in our offices, eliminates the need of those costly under desk heaters that come out in October!  ... and there is that Hotel Suite that is top on the list whenever you visit that 'Dreamtown, USA' because you enjoy the warm floors in your private whirlpool spa area! 



Where else is Underfloor Heating Enjoyed?    
Senior Living Suites, Hospitals, Locker Rooms, Fitness / Recreation Halls, Pool Surrounds,  ....  Radiant Heating is the most comfortable, economical, and 'green' way to heat your space, no matter where that may be!



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    The Thermonet infloor heating system has been proven to achieve optimum energy saving performance while being effective in being your primary heating source....
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