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Installing Thermonet

For Thermonet Heatmat System Installation
simply follow the instructions shown below 

First Roll out Heatmat according to your predrawn layout plan, secure mat wireside down to subfloor, tacked occasionally with staples or hot glue; ...


Check Ohm reading to be sure you have good continuity before proceeding with Thinset

If you are installing Tile, Marble, Granite, Ceramic, Stone, Travertine or other hard surface, proceed with layout and installation now...

If you are installing other flooring types, proceed to lay a layer of floor leveling compound over entire floor...



For more detailed installation - see Installation Guide[click here]

  • Thermonet recommends the use of a Heatmat monitor, - insure it is operational and showing good continuity throughout installation
  • Never Cut Yellow wire, you may cut the blue mesh, or remove it in some areas, but keep yellow wire intact.
  • Note: Thermonet recommends a licensed Electrician to Install your system and thermostat

If you have read through the installation tips for your product and you still have a question, please feel free to email or call your service representative anytime at 877.873.5640


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