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Cost Savings

Why is Infloor Heating such a cost effective way to heat your Home?

  • Thermonet IFH is economical, a normal residential bathroom only uses as
    much electricity as one 100watt lightbulb


  • InFloor Heating heats your primary living area, because it heats from the floor up
    - rather than from the ceiling down


  • It only 'sips' energy to keep your floor at a consistant temperature;
    with a programmable thermostat the system only runs about
    40% of the time to maintain the desired temperature


  • Because of the nature of 'radiant heat' the warmth does not
    rush out of the room when the door opens, as it does with forced air systems


  • ...  and ... and ... the economical benefits are innumberable

And... oh yeah, another perk?
No More Need For Slippers!


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